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16 Best Rose Gold Hair Color – If you’ve looked at the human lifestyle lately, you will find some hairstyle trend that blooming in social media. The most popular hairstyle now is rose gold hair color that has been popular for quite some time now. Honestly, this style didn’t give signs to dying out at anytime soon, even still the favorite choice of hair trend since two years ago. Some celebrities also have the performance with this style, that is Emma Roberts and Kiley Jenner. To get this hairstyle, you can use the product rose gold hair color formula and do it by yourself.
But, for the best result, it’s recommended for you to go to a salon. The coloring technique to get rose gold hair takes more time and precision. It’s needed to bleach the hair with custom painting technique to make the hair light enough. Some tonic and glosses will be mixed to achieve the perfect rose gold. Because the color basic of hair in every people is different, is needed to choose the right color to adjust with your hair.

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The best rose gold hair color ideas
Blend of pink, blonde, and the red color is the perfect combination for the hair. It’s truly recommended for any skin types and also quite wearable. Many styles applied on women hair based on their skin and face shape. Use following recommendations below to get your dreamy and classy rose gold hair.

  1. Washed out the rose gold hair
    Try the light rose gold hair style on your hair. Your hair will be washed out with perfect pastel pink tone. It involves to whole bleaching head, and you have to maintain the hair with specific treatments like using the safe shampoo to keep the healthy hair itself.
  2. Lion mane rose gold hair
    Rose gold hair color style with lion mane will showcase your rose gold hair. Create the big curls, and show your pink hair. It makes look like shiny and thick. Paired with simple makeup and light lipstick to gives a great impression.
  3. Glossy rose gold hair
    If you’re interested in having dark rose gold hair, the glossy rose gold hair can be your option. It combines the dark pinked with brown to get the beautiful hair tone. It will give the glossy hair look. Gives some soft curls to make the thick, healthy, and beautiful impression of your hair.
  4. Princess braids rose gold hair
    Rose gold hair is always fun and interested, but some people feel uncomfortable letting their hair. Try to braids your hair, and you’ll look like fashionable one. This hairstyle brings out the pinked tones by having braids around the bottom of your hair that wrapped nicely. It gives the elegant and classy look.
  5. Pastel dream rose gold hair
    The recommendations for rose gold hair color on black girl is pastel dream. Try to mixed the pink pastel color and rosy gold tones to achieve the dreamy blend, especially for curly pixie hair. It can give chic and unique impression if paired with intense makeup.
  6. Pixie Rose gold hair
    The best rose gold hair color on short hair is pixie rose. Gives the highlights gold color to brighten your face. This is the quiet natural tone to make your hair perfect and looks like glossy. It’s the perfect choice if you want to look no too drastic change of your hairstyle.
  7. Shades of pink
    Combine the rose gold hair color with other pink tones to create the dimension of your hair. It’s can gives the perfect looking for your performance. This style can apply on short or long hair. Bleach your hair and shine.
  8. Rose ombre for brown hair
    The combinations of rose gold hair ombre with the natural brown hair is the great option for you. This style more softly and showcase the gold rose unite with brown hair so, it can make the great natural looks like and healthy hair. This hairstyle is recommended for you who have the not too short hair because the color is more less than long hair.
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That’s all the rose gold hair trend, that maybe can be your inspiration. The rose gold hair color always gives the chic looks like and make your performance more confident. Let’s try the one based on your hairstyle.

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