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Seasonal trends do not apply only to dress styles, cuts and hair colors are also not behind in the list of patterns that appear in autumn this year. This time, the color of hair that will hit in the next season featuring many dark tones with various touches of warm colors. But, non-conventional light-colored hair also does not want to miss to enliven the list of hair color you must try before 2017 is over. However, before deciding to change the color of hair is a good idea to choose auburn hair color chart for all character and face skin tone.

Many types of hair color are trendy, and you can make a consideration when will change the appearance of hair color, one of them is an auburn hair color chart. The presence of auburn hair color is very pleasing to the eye that can make you look energetic. Auburn hair color is a combination of red and brown. Hair coloring with auburn style will be perfect if combined with the color of the eyes such as grey, brown, and black. Also, add a lipstick color to your lips with a bright color.

hair colours that suit dark skinned people The Student Room

hair colours that suit dark skinned people The Student Room from Auburn Hair Color Chart

The Kinds of Auburn Hair Color Chart

  1. Auburn Radish Hair

Reddish brown hair color can be an option for those who do not really like the hair color is too light auburn hair color. Still using the red color, you’ll apply dark brown to your hair with a touch of dark red. In this way, your hair color will look alive but not too flashy.

  1. Ombre Auburn and Blonde
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For those of you who want to make hair look bright, ombre is one type of coloring that you can use. By combining chocolate, red and blonde then you will find a more attractive reddish-brown hair color. For this type, you can use the brown color or red hair color chart as your hair color base with blonde effect on the tip of your hair. Next, give it a touch of red in a specific section.

  1. Sleek Reddish Brown

The next hair color recommendation is mixing two colors, dark brown and also dark red. With this combination, you will get a shiny auburn hair dye. Hair color will be more attractive for shoulder length haircut. With the selection of reddish-brown color and shoulder-length hairstyle will make your appearance more beautiful and fresh.

  1. Brown and Red with purplish

Also, to combine dark brown with dark red, you can also produce a gorgeous purplish hair color. This red hair color chart for brown hair choice is perfect for you who want to have a more dramatic hair color touch. By mixing both colors equally, then you will get a lovely hair color that is red-purple.

  1. Brown with Maroon

For warm colors, you can choose a blend of shades between brown and maroon to make natural auburn hair. The maroon color will give a mild effect when combined with brown color. By using brown as base and maroon as a final touch, then you will get a warm reddish brown hair color and not too bright. Also, you can make the color red as the dominance of color on your hair. Apply the brown and red color on the top of the hair, then let the red color burn itself on the tip of your hair.

  1. Red with a touch of brownish
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For those of you who want to dominate hair in red, then there is still a way to combine both colors. You can apply the red color as the base color of your hair, then give a touch of brownish color to create dimensions on the hair, and you will get dark auburn hair natural. In this way, your hair will look more volume and fresh of course.

That’s some kind of auburn hair color chart, before deciding to change hair coloring, you should search a good hair coloring products. This part is important because if you use a product made from chemicals can make hair become damaged. Make sure your face is suitable for auburn hair dye chart, if the look is prone to breakouts, better not coloring your hair, so the face does not look duller. Note also the type of haircut you, if one in the haircut will also make auburn hair color to be not alive.

Gallery of 16 Premium Auburn Hair Color Chart For You

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