20 Beautiful Bangs for Square Face Natural Hairstyle

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20 Interesting Bangs for Square Face – A square face has the strong jaw-lines, entirely with almost equal in width and length, the straight cheeks, a flat or square chin, and the broad forehead. It’s lucky enough if you have a square face. You can style your hair with bangs; it’s sound great. The bangs for square face has many models that can apply based on your style. Don’t worry; it’s no matter the short, long, curly, wavy or straight hair you have. The bangs will always look chic.

To apply the bangs for square face shape, choose the bangs model that can soften the facial features and diffuse with the strong every corner of your face. Bangs is the best way to make the square face become soften, but still, hold the high bone structure of your face. Some celebrities also have the square face with bangs, like Alexa Chung, Olivia Wilde, and Katie Holmes. They always perform with new creative bangs and show the beautiful looking.

The Best and Worst Bangs for Square Face Shapes

The Best and Worst Bangs for Square Face Shapes from Bangs For Square Face

Find the best bangs for your square face

It can be a tricky to add the bangs fitted with the square face. The bangs have the function to create a softer texture of your face and make the same angles in the jaw-line. There are lots of bangs style to help the face round out. You also have to keep your natural hair type while you add the bangs. Here the best bangs for square face.

  1. The soft side swept bangs style
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This style will complement the sharp facial features and showcase the soft look. Just notice to your eyes, not to the corners of the face. To minimize a broad forehead, cut off the side bangs. If you still doubt to cut off by yourself, go to the professional hair stylist. It’s the great option of bangs for a square face and wavy hair.

  1. The wispy blunt bangs style

If you’re not interested in side swept bangs because you want to get the “wow” bangs hairstyle. The wispy blunt bangs maybe can be a great option for you. The wispy bangs completed with center part will conceal the forehead corners. This bangs style will draw the interest to your eyes and show more oval face shape.

  1. The Choppy full blunt bangs

The bangs haircut for a square face, and thick hair is not fitted apply the wispy blunt, because it looks not synchronous with the hair. You can choose the heavy bangs with choppy and rounded fringe. You can cover the forehead, and also deliver the soften features of your face.

  1. The Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs the perfect choice for a square face, it has the eye-catching view of the bangs, and the wispy bangs will look softness. This style will draw the interest to your jawline and eyes, then the corners of your face. It also works for you who have the square face and long hair.

  1. The long side bangs

The choice bangs for square face with short hair is long side model. This style is sweeping the curve on the forehead. The bangs are slightly long, but it’s work the one or two inches shorter. Create some movement or wave in the ends of bangs and little outward curls to diffuses the jaw angles. You’ll look like Katie Holmes!

  1. The flippy side bangs style
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This is another style of bangs for square face; the flippy side bangs offers the shorter bangs than long side bangs. This style will cover the big forehead and show soften looking of your face. The flippy bangs cut slightly high up, and have the long layers movement which same with the bangs. It has the function to create the movement. It’s recommended to you who have the bob-style of short hair.

  1. Middle Length Loose Curls Bangs

This is a great way for bangs for square face and glasses; middle length curls is the stunning hairstyle. Create the side bangs with short layers in the front. It shows the soften cheekbones. Curling your hair by divided the hair into four section and shake the hair to show the natural looking.

That’s all the styles of bangs for square face. You can apply one based on your style, or maybe combine some style to create a different style. Just do it and get ready to shine.

Gallery of 20 Beautiful Bangs for Square Face Natural Hairstyle

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