17 Best Fancy Bangs for Square Face

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If you are the person with a square face, then you must have really strong jawline. People with square shaped face have the same width from the jawline to the cheekbones, and from the cheekbones to the forehead. So, besides the strong jawline, the square-shaped face person will also have a wide forehead and most of the people want to soften this side. The bangs for square face will be perfect to help you soften your jawline and forehead.

Not all the bangs can be acceptable for all the face shape. This will be a little bit tricky because it will emphasize your hard angles instead of softening it. So that’s why you have to be careful to choose which one of the bangs type which suits on your face. And the important thing you should remember is that for the one with curly hair, just never try the bangs, because it will give you more problems if you can’t maintain it well.

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100 Cute Inspiration Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Round from Bangs for Square Face

So, what are the best bangs for a square face?

For the one with a square face, you should show off your strong jawline but hide your big forehead at the same time. And the proper bangs should be applied to your hairstyle. So let’s find out what kind of bangs for a square face.

  1. Choppy Bangs

This type of bangs is really great when you have a ponytail hairdo. It is the nice choice for the square-shaped face because, with its choppiness, it can create softness towards your strong and your wide part of your face. It is also good when you until your hair because it can frame your face. This will be the best bangs for a square face.

  1. Bardot Bangs
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Bardot bangs or some people say as curtain bangs will be the perfect for the one with a square face. It may not hide your wide forehead fully, but this Bardot bangs square face style still be the proper choice for you. With a little touch of soft layer cut which makes tapered ends your bangs can create the roundness illusion on your face. So that your strong corner will not seen. It drives people to focus on your beautiful eyes and your jawline, not to your wide forehead.

  1. Side-swept Bangs

If you want to softens your strong area and make your face thinner, this will be the great option of bangs for a square face. This bangs can draw a focus on your beautiful eyes, and no one will notice your wide area on your face, for example, your wide forehead because it minimized by the cut-off corner.

  1. Tousled Bangs

For you who has a long hair with a square-shaped face, just try to apply this cool tousled bangs to your hair. Let the grown-out bangs reach the tip of your nice jawline and tousle the bangs. It can help you to elongate your square shaped face and make your face looks tapered. It is going to be the perfect bangs for a square face.

  1. Blunt Bangs

For the one with wide forehead will definitely in love with this bangs. Blunt bangs with its straight-across cut will perfectly hide your forehead and give you standout look. But be careful it may be the best bangs for the oval face but not really for the square shaped. This bangs will be your boomerang if you can’t maintain well. It can more emphasise your strong area such as your jawline. You should add long layers as your hairstyle to make those things balance.

  1. Long Bangs
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We can say this bangs as a contour square jaw. It will be the best bangs for a square face. It is because the cut of this bangs turns to the left or the right side. The curved shaped will sweep away your wide area on the forehead, and it helps you to correct your sharp jawline. It also makes your face rounder and looks softer.

Now, you can start to find out which one of the best bangs for a square face. Perhaps this article will give you reference to make your performance more gorgeous. Do not ever try to cut your bangs by yourself at home. Try to ask the hair stylist to get the best result of all. Have a nice day!

Gallery of 17 Best Fancy Bangs for Square Face

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