4 Sweet Blue Shampoo for Blonde Hair

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Blue Shampoo for Blonde Hair –¬†What is the blue shampoo for blonde hair? Well, maintaining the blonde hair that you get through hair dye is not easy. Because eventually the color of hair will fade and re-change to the original hair color. You may come back to the color it when the blonde color disappears, but there is another solution besides coloring it again. You can use blue shampoo for blonde hair to save your hair color.

Blue shampoo for blonde hair is the shampoo that retains hair color and balances hair color that fades. This shampoo contains Tone-correcting pigments that can maintain hair color up to 18 times the hair wash or approximately within 2 to 3 months. Not only that, but this shampoo also contains a Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex that can improve and protect hair color. This time, we will give you a blue shampoo reviews, check this out!

Blue Shampoo for Blonde Hair Luxury Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 300ml
Joico Color Balance Blue shampoo and Conditioner duo 300ml from Blue Shampoo for Blonde Hair

All About Blue Shampoo For Blonde Hair

  1. How To Use Blue Shampoo For Blonde Hair

To use a blue shampoo for blonde hair, Clean your hair with warm water, let briefly then apply a blue shampoo then let stand one to 5 minutes then rinse using cold water. Usually, every brand has different use rules, so you should pay attention to the rules behind the packaging. Don’t be too excessive when rinsing so that the color pigment contained in the shampoo does not fade. You only use this shampoo 2 to 3 times wash your hair.

  1. Why You Should Try Blue Shampoo

Using blue shampoo for blondes can make your hair color more durable. So you can save costs, because with long lasting hair color then you will also more rarely to the salon to re-color your hair. For you, the owner of blonde hair, blue shampoo highly recommended for you. Because with the use of that shampoo you will look just out of the salon! You sure, still want to delay using blue shampoo?

  1. Ingredient
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The most famous blue shampoo formula is selenium sulfide which plays a role as the active ingredient. Characteristically, this ingredient is a good antifungal that can help in treating tinea versicolor skin fungal infections, tinea capitis, and tinea pedis. Selenium sulfide is also useful in treating a scalp disease which is usually called as seborrheic dermatitis since it can prevent the growth of excess skin cells.

Blue shampoo is also combined with natural extracts to soothe hair and scalp when yellow or toned colors eliminated from gray, black, platinum or blonde hair. This shampoo usually paraben free, formulated with natural, healthy and active ingredients. With natural ingredients, this shampoo has a smaller chance of damaging your hair.

  1. Effectiveness

In one wash your hair using blues shampoo, you can see blue shampoo result is a decrease in real yellow and uneven tones. Not only that, although including the addition of hair color, this shampoo does not cause dry hair. Even so, you do not need to use this shampoo too often, because it will make your hair dry.

  1. Texture and Aroma

Clairol’s purple champagne formula was VERY watery. This feel is easy to apply well, but not easy to rinse. It also leaves a violet dye while in the hair. Washing your hair in 2-3 times wash. Be careful on its application, because this shampoo will color it all! It smells like cheap chemicals or expensive drugs. However you should try this type of shampoo for your blonde hair, it will work.

  1. Price

The price of this shampoo is quite low; there are even only 8 US dollars for the size of 8 ounces in one bottle. This shampoo is not worth the money you have to spend to the salon. Just imagine you just pay 1.25 USD for every ounce of this shampoo, how cheap!

  1. Overall
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Blue shampoo for blonde hair has many benefits, primarily to maintain your hair color. This shampoo will undoubtedly save your cost and time to the salon. Other than that with a low price this shampoo works well with your blonde hair. No need to bother you just use 2 to 3 times shampoo and color will last up to 2 months more! Is it magical isn’t it?

That’s some things you need to know about blue shampoo for blonde hair. With blue shampoo on blonde hair, you can take care of your blonde hair at home without spending much money to the salon. It’s okay for you to use this shampoo and add conditioner to keep your hair look healthy. Remember! Don’t too often use this type of shampoo, so your hair is not rigid and rough. Try this shampoo on girls weekends; it will work for your uneven blonde hair!

Gallery of 4 Sweet Blue Shampoo for Blonde Hair

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