21 Glamorous Dip Dye Hair With Kool-aid For Beautiful Coloured Hair

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Dip dye hair with kool-aid can be an option for those of you who want to colour your hair easily. Because of kool-aid very easy for you to find. Coloured hair is one style that is never time-consuming. No need to wait for a certain moment to be able to dye hair. Coloured hair is also suitable for every circle. Some people colour their hair to cover the grey hair, but many people are colouring hair as a style only.

Kool-aid is a kind of classic childhood drink made from fruits with different flavours and colours. Kool-aid can also be used to dye hair. You can dip dark dye hair with kool-aid. The use of colloid as a hair colour would cost cheaper when compared with using hair dye in general. How to use it is quite simple. So you will certainly easily practice it.

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Dip Dye Hair With Kool-aid And How To Get Rid Of It

There are several ways that can be done to obtain color hair easily and cheaply. One of the ways you can do is dip dye hair with kool-aid, in addition to an easy application, kool-aid also very easy to use and found. Kool-aid is very safe for hair because it is made from natural ingredients that are fruit extract. Besides easy to use, kool-aid is also easy to remove. So, it is suitable for you who want colour hair for a while only. Here’s how easy to use kool-aid as your hair dye.

  1. Prepare the Container
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To dip dye hair with sugar kool-aid first, you should prepare a container that allows you to dip your hair. The method to be performed is the dyeing method. This is the easiest method to dye hair. The size of the container used can be tailored to the needs depending on you will colour the hair tip or the whole hair.

  1. Pour Kool-aid into Container

After you select the container you will use, pour the kool-aid into the container. Choose the colour of kool-aid according to your wishes. You can dip dye hair with kool-aid and conditioner. Pour the conditioner after you have poured the kool-aid. Mix the two ingredients until evenly distributed. While pouring kool-aid, you are also required to prepare a towel to dry your hair after the dipping process later.

  1. Dyeing Process

This stage is the most exciting stage. For kool-aid hair dye with conditioner, you first determine how much hair will be coloured. Usually, the length of hair coloured ranged from 3-4 inches. Dip the hair in a container already kool-aid. The length of time depends on the colour of your hair.

  1. Duration of Dyeing Time

The average time required for dyeing is 10-15 minutes. But it all depends on your hair type. If you have thin hair, it may be enough with only 10-15 minutes. However, if your hair tends to thick and rough for maximum results, it is recommended you dying for 20-40 minutes. If you use kool-aid colours for dark hair, you need more time to dying. The longer you soak the hair will also produce a brighter colour.

  1. Drying Hair
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The last step in dip dye hair with kool-aid is to dry the hair. First, dry your hair with a towel that you have wasted in the beginning. Wipe your hair with a towel slowly and regularly. Try to be rubbed from top to bottom gently so as not to damage the hair. For very dry results you can use a hairdryer.

  1. Shampooing

After you successfully dry your hair, you have correctly coloured your hair. After finished hair colour with kool-aid, you are recommended to do shampoo. It aims to remove the fluid kool-aid that may still be sticking to the hair. Perform a simple shampoo just aims to remove the remaining fluid to keep the hair colour remains durable.

  1. Removing Colours Kool-aid

You can easily remove hair colour by using kool-aid hair dye removal. The liquids that can be used are baking soda and vinegar. Choose one of these liquids. Way, input liquid vinegar or baking soda into the container. Combine with a little water. Then dip your hair into a container. And you will get the colour of hair kool-aid has lost.

Not hard to dip dye hair with kool-aid, the important thing is you know what colour to match your hair colour. You may not worry about how to remove colour kool-aid. Colouring hair with kool-aid is very easy as well as eliminating it.

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