17 Simple How to Clean A Comb Periodically and Quickly

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Comb becomes one of the essential tools for hair. This tool will help you to style hair more efficiently, make it always neat, even looks flexible and not messy. This tool will still touch your hair, also can be several times a day, because it is essential always to keep clean properly. The dirty comb can carry a variety of dirt attached to your hair, so your hair becomes smelly, wrinkled or even damaged. It’s essential for you to know how to clean a comb, at least you have to clean it periodically, so no more a dirt stuck there.

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How to Clean a Comb Easily

  1. Clean Comb From Sticky Hair

How to clean a comb for some types of comb, hair is often attached and difficult to remove. This situation will usually happen with a brush-type comb. Hair attached and left on the comb will accumulate and the longer, the more. Clean these strands by using a sharp edge of the comb (usually a comb to paint hair). Do it slowly, so that your comb is not damaged and its the best way to clean combs (especially on a comb that has a cushion).

  1. Soak Comb With Gentle Shampoo

The second comb cleaning solution is soaking comb with a gentle shampoo. If the hair has clean, dip the comb in the bowl/scoop medium-sized. Make sure all the brush comb part is well submerged, so the various dirt there will be easy to clean. Do not forget to use a soft shampoo when soaking the comb, so dust and dirt can be removed easily later. This way will also make the hairs attached to the brush comb, will be softer and more comfortable to dispose of.

  1. Clean back the remaining hair that is still attached
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Some types of comb will indeed be difficult to clean, especially the roll-shaped. The hair will stick to the bottom of the comb and become hard. But if it has been soak with shampoo for about 30 minutes, then these hairs will be softer and smoother to clean. The next step how to clean a brush or comb is clean back the remaining hair that is still attached to the comb. Use the tip of the comb or toothpick to simplify this process. Little by little the rest of the hair will be released and can remove from the base of the comb.

  1. Use Toothbrush

How to clean a comb easily is using an unused toothbrush. Choose a soft toothbrush, so that the comb is not damaged and broken. In addition to a toothbrush, a brush commonly used to clean keyboard laptop/computer can also to be used. This brush will usually be thin and can fit comfortably on the sidelines of the comb teeth. Clean each part thoroughly, so that all the dirt can completely fall and disappear.

  1. Clean With Water Faucet

Do not forget to clean the handle of the comb, because in this section there will also be a lot of dirt left. The comb handle is the first part that you will touch when you are going to comb, so it is vital to keep clean. Once brushed clean, continue this process by cleaning the comb using tap water. Put a comb under a running tap, so that all the dirt can be eliminated well along with the water. Reflect back and make sure no extra hair and dirt still attached to the comb. Also, you can you put hair brushes in the washing machine.

  1. Dry Quickly
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The next step how to clean your comb is dry a comb quickly. If the comb has been completely clean, then dry the comb in the right way. Use a sheet towel to remove the remaining water from the comb slowly. Avoid rubbing or wiping the comb firmly, as this may damage the comb brush or even break it. After all, the water that is attached to the comb can be removed, wind up the comb and let it dry in a natural way only. This step will make the comb safe and not damaged.

That’s some way how to clean a comb so that you can use the comb comfortably, and of course not make your hair and scalp dirty. Do not forget always to clean the comb periodically, so that the equipment is still in a clean and feasible condition to use on your hair.

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