20 Top How to Cut Your Own Bangs A See-Through Bangs

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How to Cut Your Own Bangs – For some women, fringe is essential as makeup. For you who are lazy to cut bangs to the salon or have been disappointed with the results, you need to try to trim your bangs at home. Various ways how to cut your own bangs that you can do at home with any style you want. You just need to prepare some equipment such as scissors, comb, mirror, and so forth. Lately, the trendy bangs in society are see-through bangs.

Today, many celebrities look younger with “see-through” bangs. Which is distinctive features of the forehead still visible and the thin bangs on the front, your appearance will look more cute and innocent! Let’s learn the tricks below about how to cut your own bangs style “see through”. Can’t wait to try it? Check the steps below!

How to Trim Your Own Bangs Beauty

How to Trim Your Own Bangs Beauty from How to Cut Your Own Bangs

How to cut your own bangs: “see-through”  Bangs.

Here we present you steps how to cut your bangs “See Through” at home:

  1. Smoothed Your Hair

The first step how to cut your own bangs soothed your hair. Comb your hair first and for your hair to be equal to make a half in the middle just take the thin part, not too thick. Next, go a triangle part on the front of your hair. First, place your index finger from the hairline starting point on your head, you can use a comb or eyebrow pencil.

  1. Divide Your Hair
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The way how to cut bangs style you can Start it from where the tip of your index finger is, make a triangle downward using your index fingernail then grab a little hair on the left and right. Put your facial hair and comb. For the hair, you have taken three parts; left, centre, and right. Try to move the middle of the nose at most as it will be your pound. The role of the hair that you leave on the left and right will be the hair that makes up your face frame.

  1. Trim Your Bangs

For trim step how to easily cut your own bangs is leave your left and right hair apart, then hold the nose firmly in the front of your face. If the side is disturbing enough, you can pin the side hair back. Then, cut the front of the hair until the length is covering half your nose. Better cut little by bit and be careful, to cut neatly and not too short. After that, trim the edges to make it look neater and slightly smoother.

After the front bangs are cut off according to what you want, then Pinch your hits the middle to the top. How to cut your own side bangs is the second step on trim steps. Trim the side bangs and then cut the hair on the left and right just starting from the cheekbone while directing the scissors diagonally. Do not cut all the nose of the same length, leave the rest along your chin. The pattern of decreasing the side of the hair is tapered.

  1. Finishing
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When it finishes, next step how to cut your own bangs at home removes the clasps on the centre bangs, and the hits comb forward. Stroke your pound with a hairdresser to curl while combing. If there is no vice, you can use any hair roller to make the arch in your bangs. This mode you can do every time you want to set your hair. in addition to the dome you can also split hits into two parts, both still look pretty.

  1. Re-check

Do re-check, with the comb it properly and make sure if you trim it to the same length. If it is not tidy, cut it a little bit and trim it carefully so as not to cause another more fatal cutting disability. You can use the hairspray as well when pruning, to facilitate the process of cutting your hair, it is the final step in how to give yourself bangs at home.

That’s some step you can do how to cut your own bangs with ‘see-through’ style. This hits will match the hairs in the booth, ponytail, bun, and so forth. Suitable also for formal events and not. Which is this bangs can make you look more cute and young because it will refresh your face. Do not forget to brush thin makeup to keep it fresh and beautiful. Already want to try it on the weekend? Let’s go girls.

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