20 Classy Natural Red Color Chart

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20 Classy Natural Red Color Chart – Now, everyone should know the coloring hair feels. Some people think that red is the best color for hair and they will love it, but maybe another some people also think it looks redhead as a kid. Whatever the perceptions, there’s a thing that you should know before deciding to color your hair red. The natural red color chart will help you to choose the color that suitable for your hair. So, if you choose red, get ready to shine and become the center of people attending.

You can get the decision of what the color that fitted for you after you understanding the chart of hair colors. There are so many shades of red color. Some manufacturer has their color chart that available in their products. It’s published their brand name, but there’s a red color chart that used universally. It’s not difficult to understand and to use; the chart will be presented with number level from one until ten. Number one for darkest color level, and number ten for light blonde.

Auburn Hair Dye Chart Best Hair Dye 2017

Auburn Hair Dye Chart Best Hair Dye 2017 from Natural Red Color Chart

The Shades of Red Color Chart For your Hair

Before you make a change of color, you need to know your natural hair level, then adjust it according to that color. You also have to decide the color tones that you want to show, the red hair tones will present violet, red only or red-orange. Consider the enhance natural color of your skin and adjust the levels to create the effect of you want.

  1. Blonde Like Strawberry
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This is the bright red hair and the smoothest of red color. The blend of strawberry color and natural blonde makes the hair brighten up and cheerful looking. Some people thought that it’s pink or orange slightly that red, but overall the strawberry blonde is a sweet and beautiful color for you who have the bright natural tones of hair.

  1. Classic red

The second natural red color chart is classic red. This is the color that often imagined the people when they think the red hair color person. The classic red become the primary red color based on the people stereotypes because lots people have red color hair like this. It can showcase the vibrant and thick looking.

  1. Ginger hair color

Ginger hair is the color between strawberry and classic red color. It’s more orange than strawberry blonde but less red like classic red. To get the hair color like this, you can color your hair at home or go to your hair styling. This will appear the light and shiny, you will show the natural beauty every day.

  1. The deep red color

The shades of a natural red color chart of deep red are strong, optimistic and elegant. This color is darker than classic red, but more soften than Auburn. Deep red has a rich darkness without the brown at all.

  1. Auburn red color

The Auburn categorize as the darker side of the red family. The color is being brown but still show red color too. If you apply the auburn color for your hair, you’ll get the light hair. Glamour and elegant looking. Add the highlights with light color too, to give a little cheer and brighten up to your face.

  1. Dark auburn red color
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Some people also thought that the dark auburn isn’t a family of red color. Because the dark auburn prefers to look like the combinations of black and brown hair. But this color is one of the family red colors too; this is the richest and most profound of the red color version. Dark auburn will show the regal tone of red.

  1. Purple, red hair color

You will get shades the red hair color from purple, red color. This color appears happy looking and make your face brighten up. The combinations of red and purple color are good and trendy. It’s recommended a color for you who have the long hair and want to color it. You will look chic, beautiful and strong!

The important thing after you get the red hair that you wants is how to keep your red hair. Learn the natural red color chart before you do the coloring. Make sure that you have the hair protection to maintain your hair. Get ready to shine and brighten up!

Gallery of 20 Classy Natural Red Color Chart

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