16 Pixie Cut for Round Face Ideas

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Pixie Cut for Round Face – If you have a round face, your hair will cover your ear. The favorite short hairstyle is pixie and bobs, but for a round face, the best choice is the pixie cut hairstyle. Pixie cut for round face allows you to make your face so cute and perform with different style. Some people especially Asian believe that the bob style or the hair with rounded shape doesn’t suitable for round face because it can give fat impression and not-chic looking.

A short hairstyle for a round shape should have a nice looking in forehead and light bangs. You can add the tone color to give glossy looks on your pixie cut hair. If you have a full forehead and a round face, you can add front bangs reaching your eyes. You also can apply the small braids in bangs to make your performance more confident. Pixie cut good for round face and make you look beautiful every day.

super short hairstyles for round faces

Super Short Hairstyles for Round Faces Fashion Trends from Pixie Cut For Round Face

The Stunning Looks Pixie Cut For Round Face

You can create the pixie cut hairstyle based on own style. The best ways to keep your pixie style and to smooth your hair is applied the hair gel and give the chic tousled touch. Pixie cut offers you chance to make a different style and try to combine it with the tones of color to refresh your style.

1. Pixie cut with curls and waves

The curly pixie haircuts for round face will give the best looks as cool tones. This style usually required by a professional stylist. Add the golden color for your hair and go to the salon once for a week to keep your curls and waves. Paired with thick makeup will showcase the classy appearance.

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2. Short and tousled pixie

This is the classic style for you who have very short hair. There are a short bangs and long messy pieces on the top of the hair. It can make a fresh impression for women who love going short. The short and tousled pixie also cut easy and low maintenance.

3. Pixie cut with side bangs

The best choice for pixie cut black hair is adding the side bangs. It’s cute looking. This style combines a short fringe and side bangs. You can try this style with own experiment and the fun things for choosing asymmetry style is there’s still room to go shorter the hair.

4. Flowy style with lavender pixie cut

When you decide to go for a pixie cut for round face, think out of the box. Allow your bangs long with not too short fringe and coloring the hair with soft purple color to gives the punky looking.

5. Pixie cut style with waves

The pixie cut for round face black woman is adding beautiful waves. The naturally wavy hair will showcase the cool and elegant performance. You can adjust with few pieces then curling it with a curling iron.

6. Colorful Pixie Cut hair with rock style

Coloring your short hair with deep violet, maroon and pink color, it can make the hair looks voluminous. Give the rock touch for the perfect appearance. This is the best style of pixie cut for round face thick hair.

7. Extra short pixie cut style

This style combines a men’s haircut style with the girliest color ever! Pink. You just need a short time in front of the mirror to styling your hair. Using the quality gel to keep the hair from turn flaky.

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8. The creative pixie cut

Coloring your short hair with the tones of fun color like maroon and pink. It can make your perform brighten up and shiny. If you’re wearing the glasses, it does not matter. Because this style also fitted for glasses women too.

9. Messy pixie cut style

The messy pixie cut has the bowl cut with blunt cut bangs and longer hair tousled on top. It’s the imperfect styling for a spunky personality. Paired with colorful makeup and your face becomes a star.

That’s all the pixie cut for round face style. The short hair isn’t the wrong things for women, but actually, the women with short hair have the same opportunities to respected and the same treated like other women in general. So, decide the one which the best for your style!

Gallery of 16 Pixie Cut for Round Face Ideas

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